The 10 Most-Watched Videos of 2021

STN Video reveals what videos got the most views in 2021

Consumption of online video continues to increase. STN’s OVP tallied up at over 5 billion video views for our US-based publishing partners in 2021.

The Right Content Matters

“People continue the shift to more online video consumption for many reasons,” says STN CEO, Matthew Watson. “Our job is to solve video for publishers, including partnering with premium content providers; building and managing technology to harness and distribute this content to publishers; and establish partnerships with advertisers to create revenue for our publishers. As importantly, we ultimately combine with our publishers to offer the utmost user experience.”

We dug into our library of over 1 million videos spanning sports, business, entertainment and news, and ran the numbers on the 10 most-watched videos of 2021. 


  1. NBA: Game Recap: Lakers 84, Warriors 76
  1. NBC RSN: In The Loop: Dressel sets Olympic record, Suni Lee wins gold
  1. DraftKings: Will New York take revenge on Atlanta on Christmas Day?
  1. NFL: Rapoport: Dalvin Cook rushes for 205 yards 11 days after tearing labrum
  1. SNTV: ‘I just wanted to run my own race’ – Gardiner wins 400m
  1. Cheddar: Merits of Scarlett Johansson vs. Disney ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit
  1. PGA Tour: Zander Schauffele on his energy level after claiming gold in Olympics
  1. MLB: A’s vs. Blue Jays Highlights – Hernández, Gurriel lead the Blue Jays to a 10-8 win
  1. Newsy: Canada Wins First Olympic Gold Medal In Women’s Soccer
  1. Pac-12: Pac-12 athletes carried on the legacy of Olympic excellence at the Tokyo 2020 Games

These videos come from data generated by our Smart Match® AI-powered technology that matches contextually relevant videos to content on our 1,800 publishers’ websites. The STN online video platform can be found on publishers’ websites across North America, including San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Post. Our library of 1 million videos spans sports, business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, weather and more, and is derived from premium content providers, such as the MLB, Rolling Stone, Associated Press, Accuweather, Condé Nast and Bloomberg who are able to connect with local, diverse audiences through our platform.

STN’s mission is to help publishers thrive with online video. We understand the resource drain of producing, editing and hosting your own video, so we do it for you.  We supply the video from our 200+ content partners, and we source the advertising for the pre-roll in the player. The best part for publishers? We share that ad revenue with them, proving our commitment to their success and long-term growth.

When it comes to advertisers, STN provides a completely brand safe, premium environment for their brand and boasts an industry-leading 1 billion monthly available impressions.

Find out how you can increase revenue and user engagement with Smart Match and the STN online video platform. Contact us or get started.

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