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A recent study showed that 90.3% of web content gets zero traffic driven to it through organic search. This, coupled with the fact that nearly 70% of online experiences start with a search engine shows that it’s more important than ever that digital publishers optimize their  SEO to ensure they don’t fall onto the second page of Google.  There are many options publishers can take to help climb the rankings, and an important piece of that puzzle is having rich, relevant, and diverse video content on their site. 

Why Video Matters for SEO

  • Enhanced User Engagement and Increased Dwell Time: Video content is inherently more engaging than text alone and can increase time spent on page by 88%. When users spend more time on a site watching videos, it reduces the bounce rate, a key metric that search engines like Google consider in their ranking algorithms.
  • Diversified Content: Google and other search engines favor websites with diverse content types. Incorporating videos into articles adds a multimedia element that can improve the website’s overall appeal to both users and search engines.
  • Improved Mobile Experience: With over half of all web traffic coming from mobile, video content can cater to a broader audience. Google recognizes the importance of mobile optimization and considers it when ranking websites.
  • Social Sharing: Videos are shared 1200% more than text on social media platforms. When content gets shared, it can generate more inbound links, which isa valuable SEO factor.

SEO-Minded Video Strategies

Videos are essential for SEO. Let’s explore some strategies to effectively integrate video content into your articles.

  • Use a Variety of High-Quality Videos: High-quality, well-produced videos are more likely to engage your audience and keep them on the page.
  • Match Video Content with Article Relevance: The video should complement the article’s topic. For instance, if the article recaps a specific sporting event about a specific destination, include video highlights of the game. 
  • Optimize Video Metadata: Just as you optimize the text content of your articles, you should optimize the metadata of your videos. This includes titles, descriptions, and tags that incorporate relevant keywords.
  • Embed Videos Directly into Articles: Rather than linking to external sources, embedding videos directly into articles keeps users on your site, contributing to improved dwell time and reduced bounce rate. Ensure that the video is embedded in both your mobile and desktop experience. 
  • Promote Sharing and Engagement: Encourage your audience to share and engage with your video content. The more your videos are shared and commented on, the more valuable they become in the eyes of search engines.

STN Video has long been helping publishers incorporate video onto their sites with the above principles in mind. Our video library containing 2 million pieces of high-quality brand-safe content from providers including the NFL, MLB, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, and 250 other providers has shown to increase time on page by 390%. We also have developed award-winning AI technology that either instantly matches article editorial with the most relevant video in our library OR creates a unique and hyper-relevant 1:1 match.

We also have an API that allows you to add our video metadata and tags to your page, helping search engines index your pages better.  

STN’s video technology is easy to embed with simple “copy/paste” functionality that works for our optimized mobile player, which possesses an under 2% close-out rate. The video is sharable by the user with options for them to promote your article on their social feeds, via the player UX.

Attention and detail to the amount, quality, and relevance of video on your site is a piece of  SEO strategy. Remember that SEO is an ongoing process, and results may not be immediate, but the long-term benefits are well worth the investment. By delivering engaging, relevant, and well-optimized video content, you’ll not only capture your audience’s attention but also gain favor with search engines, ultimately driving more organic traffic to your site.

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