Catch the Livestream of Cheddar’s Business of Sports Olympic Special


On February 18th at 4:30 PM ET, STN publishing partners will have access to the livestream of the Cheddar Business of Sports Olympic Special – A 30-minute event giving your readers a one-of-a-kind, inside look at the business impact of the Olympic Games.

STN will deliver the livestream to dedicated landing pages and sports and business sections on publisher sites.


Audiences on the STN Platform are 2.3X more likely to consider themselves fans of the Winter Olympics than the average audience?


The 2022 Winter Olympics has made headlines – for reasons that aren’t the ‘norm’ as far as the Olympics go. This year brings several new events. Some of these arise in hopes of improving gender equality in the Games. Others are entirely new winter sporting events, including monobob and freeski Big Air competitions.

However, there’s some negative press coming from this year’s Winter Games. The Chinese government has been said to be overreaching in their surveillance of attendees and participants, and with COVID still affecting countries far and wide, Olympians are also experiencing the Games like never before. These topics and more are expected to be part of the discussion in the upcoming Cheddar Business of Sports Olympic Special.


  1. Let your publisher success manager know you want to have the livestream. New to STN? Let us know you’re interested by dropping us a line to start the conversation.
  2. Build a landing page/article page for the livestream
  3. Let STN know which players you’d like converted to the livestream
  4. STN will provide player codes and update all feeds


  • Technical support before, during and after the livestream
  • A related feed of content to be displayed before and after the livestream
  • Promotional assets such as graphics, hashtags and media kits
  • Amplification of your initiatives via our web presence and social media

STN Video adds this livestream in addition to those previously offered to publishers (with no cost on behalf of the publisher or content provider) in previous years, including the NFL Draft-A-Thon and the PGA Tour’s THE PLAYERS Championship. These livestreams saw a combined watch time of 354,900 minutes.

Also, don’t miss yet another livestream opportunity coming on March 1st at 8pm ET. Cheddar will be bringing the State of the Union livestream including the full Presidential Address, speech previews, pundit and expert opinion, reaction and commentary. STN will deliver the livestream to dedicated landing pages and existing players on your site. If you don’t have access to STN’s OVP yet, contact us.

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