Digital highlights: The future of sports video? 

Do live video rights deliver the most value in sports? Maybe not, according to WarnerMedia VP Peter Scott. 

In a recent talk with SportsPro Media, Scott predicts that video highlights will soon be more valuable than live rights. “I think the evolution of sports rights is going to change to the point where I think video highlights will be more valuable than live rights,” Scott told SportsPro in August. 

With no fans in the stands, brands, publishers and content providers need to find new ways to engage fans and give them the best experience possible. And while live stream rights are definitely important, they aren’t the be-all end-all of video content. 

For instance, while live video may draw digital crowds, content from a one-time event will only reach so far. Video highlights have longevity, and can be repurposed time and time again to reach new audiences. As well, events are long, with time between exciting moments. Video highlights give fans only the best and replicate the “instant replay” feel of a live broadcast on demand. 

Live events are also limited in their appeal to fans. If your audience is right for a live event, you can win big. But that specific content might not appeal to everyone. A robust video library of highlights is more likely to hold content that does. 

In addition to SendtoNews’ exclusive sports highlights from all the major and other sports leagues, the SendtoNews video library includes expert analyses, game recaps, player and coach interviews and more – plus over one million videos across every major category, from breaking news to entertainment, food and cooking, travel, shopping, politics, business and more. 

Combine that with automated AI matching, and you can serve relevant video content to your readers that you know they want to read, keeping them engaged and on page longer. And with the importance of contextual relevance at an all-time high, having a library that is as diverse as possible goes a very long way. 

Video highlights are also far-reaching, extending to engaged local audiences during peak hours. Moreover, readers are more accepting of ads against free video highlights than other kinds of video. Not to mention that video highlights are available year-round, even during unforeseen disruptions to regular league play. 

On all counts, finding an OVP that is capable of delivering both is an ideal solution. For example at SendtoNews we regularly partner with the biggest names in sports to deliver live content, like the PGA Tour’s PLAYERS Championship or the NFL’s Draft-A-Thon LIVE, ensuring you can deliver the best sports content to your readers as it happens. This is combined with the most robust library of official digital video highlights in sports, featuring content from over 75 leagues and organizations. 

Our extensive video library of over 1 million videos includes premium sports content for every fan. We partner with major leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and more to offer premium highlights, interviews and commentary minutes after it airs. And whether you’re interested in live video or video highlights, all of our content is monetizable and available to publishers at zero cost. 

There’s never been a better time to amplify your sports video content offering, so make sure you have all your bases covered, contact us or get started.

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