The fight for Audience: How Publishers can Grow Traffic and Engagement with Online Video

By partnering with the right OVP, publishers have seen an increase in visitors by as much as  40%.

With the increase in popularity of digital platforms like TikTok, Netflix and YouTube and the decrease in consumer attention spans, the battle for audience engagement is at an all-time high. For publishers, improving engagement and increasing sellable metrics, such as total monthly visitors, articles per session, and timde on site, are top priorities. In the ongoing search for new ways to increase consumer engagement, video content is king.

According to research firm Nielsen Norman Group, site visitors will only read 20% of text on a page containing an average of 593 words. With consumer attention dwindling, maintaining reader engagement is becoming harder for publishers who are looking to grow their audience. Moreover, video is becoming the preferred method of consuming content. According to a report by Cisco, by 2022 video will make up 82% of all digital traffic, up from 73% in 2016. 

Publishers and advertisers are increasingly emphasizing the importance of engagement as it pertains to their audiences and the value of their content. According to Chartbeat research, visitors who watch video content end up engaging with the page 1.5-2x longer than visitors who don’t watch any video at all. Current digital trends show viewers are more likely to click on and watch a video, than read an article or blog post. 

Not only does video content drive more engaged traffic to websites, but the audience consuming the video content spends more time on webpages, displaying a higher likelihood to convert from advertising and/or calls to action.

Despite the benefits, more than 70% of publishers do not offer video content. For many publishers, implementing video content can seem like an insurmountable task. 

One way publishers can implement video and adapt to changes in consumer preference is through an Online Video Platform (OVP). With turnkey technology and high-quality video content, OVPs can provide publishers with substantial growth in website engagement and overall user experience while driving more revenue. A 2022 study found publishers who implemented premium video content saw an 82% increase in time spent on websites compared to those without. 

While having excellent OVP technology is critical to delivering a workable video solution, it is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to increase engagement and drive revenue, publishers must have the ability to deliver professional, contextually relevant video content that meets the expectations of site visitors. For publishers without the capability to create their own video content, partnering with an OVP company who offers a premium content catalog like STN Video, is essential to keeping users engaged. With over 250 content providers including the MLB, NFL, NHL, Bloomberg and Conde Nast, and over 2 million videos in our content library, STN Video publishers can feel confident they are providing their visitors relevant, up to date content. 

In partnership with Las Vegas Review-Journal, STN Video conducted a five-month case study illustrating the power that the STN OVP and content library has in growing user engagement and revenue. The results were the following: 

  • 41% increase in monthly page views
  • 22% increase in monthly site visitors
  • 9% increase in time on page from returning visitors
  • 710% increase in monthly video plays
  • 536% increase in digital video revenue

Growing an audience and improving consumer engagement is increasingly difficult for publishers in a competitive digital landscape, where consumers have infinite options for news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle content. Contact us to learn how STN Video can increase revenue on your website and improve engagement with your audience, contact us or get started.

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