STN Engage: Elevating Online Video Engagement in Digital Publishing

In today’s digital publishing landscape, engaging viewers is key. Complementing the premium content offered by STN Video, STN Engage introduces an innovative solution that enhances viewer interaction with online video content. This tool not only elevates the viewer experience but also provides publishers with a unique blend of empowerment and strategic insight.

Viewer Empowerment

STN Engage stands out by giving viewers the simple yet impactful choice between ‘Stay’ (continue watching the current video) and ‘Next’ (move to the next video). This feature not only enhances the viewer’s control over their experience but also provides a seamless transition between content, making for a more engaging and satisfying viewing journey.

Boosting Ad Revenue

Alongside improving viewer experience, STN Engage offers a financial edge. By optimizing pre-roll ad inventory over mid-roll, publishers have seen a notable increase in revenue, with pre-roll ads outperforming mid-roll by nearly 11%. This shift signifies a smarter, more efficient approach to advertising in digital content.

In a recent case study, STN Engage has proven its ability to elevate digital publishing performance. One publisher, utilizing STN Engage’s advanced features, experienced a +25% increase in revenue and a +74% rise in total video plays. These impressive results highlight STN Engage’s ability to open new avenues for revenue growth and provide valuable insights to publishers. It’s more than just a tool—it’s a pivotal element for those seeking to thrive in the competitive digital ecosystem, offering both choice to viewers and strategic advantage to publishers.

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