STN sees a 55% increase in NBA Playoff Viewership

With the wrap-up of an electrifying 2022 NBA Playoffs and Finals, STN Video helped publishers and the NBA deliver 55% MORE video views to their users than last year. 

STN Video saw nearly 62 million video views across official NBA content from April 16 – June 30 covering all playoff rounds, the finals and celebrations. Along with the increase in viewership, STN helped provide revenue opportunities to publishers with nearly 80% more impressions delivered than last year. 

STN’s viewership numbers come off the heels of the NBA announcing they were able to reach 21% more viewers and achieve 32% more branded searches for the 2022 NBA Finals than last year.

STN Video publishers were able to get official NBA highlights, recaps, analysis, top plays and more directly from STN all at zero cost.  Over 45 million of those plays were delivered via STN’s Smart Match™ player, which uses AI to read a publisher’s article and instantly embed the most relevant video in our library of over 2 million videos. This means that STN was delivering nearly 28,000 matches every hour on NBA content alone to our publishing partners, saving a countless amount of time and resources.

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