STN Video 2023 Partner Summit Recap

STN recently hosted our content, advertising and publishing partners in Victoria, British Columbia to participate in a 3-day interactive Partner Summit.

It was a great week packed with industry trends, networking opportunities, and social activities that fostered collaboration. 

Key highlights included:

– A deeper focus on digital video strategy, illustrating that contextually relevant content is a proven way to:

  • Increase unique visitors by over 40%
  • Drive an over 9:1 ROI for brands
  • Increase purchase intent by 14%

– Digital video solutions are not one size fits all. Finding the right partner with a diverse product portfolio that goes beyond pre-roll can help you achieve your goals

Most importantly, was the value in bringing together a diverse group of industry leaders for thought-provoking discussions to explore the future of online video and how to overcome industry challenges together.

Oh and we saw some whales too!

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