STN Video Shortlisted for Digiday Video & TV Awards

STN Video Recognized as a Finalist for Digiday’s Video & TV Awards

Digiday puts out a variety of awards throughout each year, with submissions coming in from far and wide. This year’s Digiday Video and TV Awards brought tough competition, and we’re extremely proud to be named as a finalist in the ‘Best Digital Video Monetization Program’ category.

This is the fourth consecutive year STN has been recognized as a finalist in the Digiday Video and TV Awards and also marks the third time being shortlisted as a finalist for other Digiday Awards in 2021 alone.

STN is North America’s largest online video platform developer, offering publishers access to premium video content from over 200 partners including the NFL, NBA, MLB Condé Nast, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and more. Developing relationships with these brand-safe content providers along with illustrating the contextually relevant editorial environments to advertisers allows STN to not only position their publishing partners as a premium opportunity for brands but drive more revenue back to them as well, all at zero cost.

Judges for the ‘Best Digital Video Monetization Program’ looked at awarding “the most successful monetization program for digital video content.” Being shortlisted is high praise for our team and our technology. Digiday’s announcement today states that in order “to get noticed in a crowded, multi-channel landscape, these finalists had to make bold moves that, in the past, may have seemed shocking or even controversial. But these were the plays required to make a lasting impression in 2021, and the contenders on this year’s shortlist certainly didn’t shy away from them.”

Part of STN Video’s submission for this nomination included a case study conducted with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. After adopting the STN Video Online Video Platform, the Review Journal experienced a 710% increase in video views, a 536% increase in video revenue and a 44% increase in page views. The study shows how STN Video enables publishers to grow their audience by helping them deliver premium and engaging video, and increase their revenue as well, all at zero cost… in fact STN Video pays them! 

The Digiday Video and TV Awards recognize the companies, campaigns and technology modernizing video and TV. For more information on how STN Video solves digital video for publishers, content providers and advertisers, visit

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