STN Video’s Optimized Mobile Player effectively addresses and improves Viewability

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As Marketers and Agencies continue to raise the bar on evaluating digital ad performance, viewability has become the most important metric because an ad that isn’t in view, can’t perform in any other manner. With 63% of web traffic coming from mobile, publishers must ensure their viewability on mobile is optimized (Source:

To address these evolving standards, STN Video is pleased to introduce the innovative STN Optimized Mobile Player (OMP) which improves viewability, as well as user experience. Our Optimized Mobile Player delivers dramatic benefits to publishers’ mobile viewability scores thereby improving the foundational measurement of ad performance critical to achieving high advertising performance and premium CPMs.

On the heels of the innovations introduced in the STN NextGen player earlier this summer, the Optimized Mobile Player gives publishers superior on-page player performance, as well as robust viewability, gains specific to mobile. Our OMP launch partners have seen incredible and sustained results including: 

  • Consistent viewability of 90%
  • Less than 2% close-out rates
  • A 20% increase in mobile revenue

Despite the scrutiny of the marketplace, achieving high viewability isn’t easy. In the second half of 2021, the average publisher viewability rate for desktop video was 66.1% while mobile web video recorded 64.4%. According to the IAB, the priority of delivering viewable impressions is well underway as marketers and agencies make their expectations known by including viewability minimums in their IOs and have target viewability thresholds in the open exchange. 

STN Video prides itself on continuously improving our online video platform to raise overall ad performance, including viewability while supporting sustainable publisher revenue growth. STN is excited to announce that the Optimized Mobile Player will be rolled out to all partners, helping to improve viewability and CPMs. 

To learn how you can boost your viewability score by implementing STN’s Optimized Mobile Player with premium video content on your website, contact us or get started.

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