The 20 Most-Watched Videos of 2020

SendtoNews Video reveals what videos got the most views in an unprecedented year

What else is there to do during a lockdown other than watch tons of online videos? With more people at home, online video consumption went through the roof during the pandemic. SendtoNews Video (STN) saw a 32 per cent increase in views from 2019, with total views coming in at 13.3 billion for 2020.

“We saw a shift in where people want to consume their digital video in 2020 and an acceleration of pre-existing trends,” says STN CEO Matthew Watson. “The local digital publisher became the go-to source for information that mattered to users and we were thrilled to be able to supply them with the digital video content, technology and monetization needed to thrive in this new environment.”

We dug into our library of 1 million videos spanning sports, business, entertainment and news, and ran the numbers on the most-watched videos of 2020. Unsurprisingly, the ranking below includes a few COVID-related stories as well as videos on Kobe Bryant’s untimely death, Curtis Granderson’s retirement announcement from baseball and System of a Down releasing new music for the first time in 15 years.


  1. Paris Jackson is nervous and excited for her solo album debut 
  1. Virus shutdown leaves San Francisco streets empty 


  1. ‘All Screwed Up’ celebrates the legacy of DJ Screw 
  1. Thirteen Things You Didn’t Know About Royal Weddings
  1. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs highlights 

    15. Supreme Court Style: Inside the Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Collars

    14. Las Vegas police walk side-by-side with Black Live Matter protesters


  1. Senate Says Boeing Improperly Influenced 737 Max Recertification
  1. Giants Bring Back Hunter Pence
  1. System of a Down Releases First New Music in 15 Years, Raises Funds to Aid Armenians
  1. FastCast: Curtis Granderson announces retirement
  1. AD ready for “greatness” – LeBron backs teammate to emulate career
  1. Exclusive: Ride with Justin Haley as teammates wreck, he nabs win at Daytona
  1. FastCast: MLB remembers former Royals owner David Glass
  1. Former Lakers coach Harris reflects on early career of “wonderful kid” Bryant 
  1. FastCast: Carlos Beltran and the Mets agree to part ways
  1. Trump, Biden have back-and-forth over racism 
  1. Mookie Betts Reportedly Traded to Dodgers
  1. Magic Johnson’s Message To Fans
  1. Congress Ready to Rollout New COVID-19 Relief Plan

Our top 20 most watched videos come from data generated by our Smart Match AI-powered technology that matches contextually relevant videos to content on our 1,800 publishers’ websites. The STN online video platform can be found on publishers’ websites across North America, including San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Post. Our library of 1 million videos spans sports, business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, weather and more, and is derived from premium content providers, such as the MLB, Rolling Stone, Associated Press, Accuweather, Condé Nast and Bloomberg who are able to connect with local, diverse audiences through our platform.

STN’s mission is to help publishers thrive with online video. We understand the resource drain of producing, editing and hosting your own video, so we do it for you.  We supply the video from our 200+ content partners, and we source the advertising for the pre-roll in the player. The best part for publishers? We share that ad revenue with them, proving our commitment to their success and long-term growth.

When it comes to advertisers, STN provides a completely brand safe, premium environment for their brand and boasts an industry-leading 1 billion monthly available impressions.

Find out how you can increase revenue and user engagement with Smart Match and the STN online video platform, contact us or get started.

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