Video ads must be placed next to quality content to engage audience

Recent Panel Discussion Reveals Low-Quality Video Can Negatively Impact an Advertising Campaign

The old adage “content is king”  still rings true — eight in 10 consumers consider it important that ads (including video ads) are placed next to high quality content, according to a recent study by Integrated Ad Science (IAS). In fact, 79 percent of consumers said they “get annoyed” when ads are placed next to low quality content.

“The Ripple Effect 2.0” revealed 51 percent of consumers are likely to engage with ads found alongside high-quality content, and 39 percent would stop using a brand whose ads were placed next to low-quality content.

 “Quality is also very important from an advertiser perspective. Brands spend a lot of money to convey their desired message — delivering advertisements against low-quality video content or in a poor environment can severely impact the value they receive in their advertising campaigns,” said Dan Rudley, vice-president of sales partnerships at SendtoNews, an award-winning online video distribution and publishing platform that solves digital video for publishers, content creators and advertisers.

 Whether it’s video or any other medium, there are many factors audiences use to determine if a piece of content is of high quality, according to the IAS study:

Trust: 67 percent of consumers consider content from trusted sources important in determining content quality.

•Appropriate: 64 percent of consumers consider high quality content to be appropriate.

•Objective: 59 percent of consumers consider objective content high quality.


During the recent SendtoNews Digital Video Leadership Series, panelists discussed how not all video is created equal.

“What we bring to table at Cheddar is quality content and the quality of our guest interviews.  Tying our content to the content on the publisher network, in context, creates a one plus one equals three scenario for the consumer, advertiser, publisher and content provider,” said Matt Kaplan, vice-president of brand partnerships at Cheddar, an on-demand video news network.

Blake Stuchin, vice-president of digital media business development at the NFL who also sat on the panel, said the league is always considering what environment it is going to be comfortable with when it comes to media distribution, but also how it can create content that serves the audience.

“We always think about not only our most avid fans today, but also the emerging fans of the future. We create a broad range of content tailored to serve each audience wherever they are, on whatever platform they’re spending their time,” he said.

“The Ripple Effect 2.0” also revealed that contextual relevance is of high importance to consumers, with 74 percent saying it is important for ads (including video ads) to be personally relevant. 

More than one-half (51 percent) of consumers say brands are responsible for where their ads are placed and only 18 percent say they would engage with ads (including video ads) found alongside low-quality content, according to the IAS study. Craig Sloan, executive vice-president at Home Team Sports (a division of Fox Sports), told the SendtoNews panel that the idea of “positive brand transference” has been their secret sauce when it comes to gaining notoriety in the video advertising marketplace. The company is focusing on content that is about human achievement — players performing at the very top levels.

“We see this through our research that actually brands get a lift from this type of content. There could be detracting content, but there can also be lifted content. And this is an area that we believe strongly lifts content, creates positive brand transference for ideas like trust, intent, loyalty and social advocacy,” he said.

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