Video Player Placement Tips for Digital Publishers

In today’s digital publishing environment, the integration of video content into articles transcends mere trendiness, becoming an indispensable asset. Thoughtfully placed video players can profoundly elevate user engagement, bolster content retention, and significantly augment revenue streams. For those at the helm of news sites, blogs, or any digital platform, mastering video player placement is pivotal for unleashing maximum impact.

Above the Fold

Positioning your video player above the fold is paramount. Engaging the viewer without requiring a scroll can boost visibility and engagement. According to Nielsen Norman Group engagement rates increased by over 50% for videos positioned above the fold compared to those placed lower. This prime location not only garners immediate attention but also enhances the likelihood of viewers interacting with the content, thereby extending play rates, overall site engagement, and ultimately what matters most – time on page. Ensuring your most compelling video content occupies this spot can be a game-changer in driving user interest and engagement from the first moment a page loads.

Context Reigns Supreme

Aligning video content with the surrounding textual or thematic content significantly enriches the user experience. Videos that directly relate to or expand upon the article’s content, such as a fitness article featuring embedded workout tutorials, not only provide added value but also foster a more cohesive and engaging user journey. This contextual relevance encourages viewers to spend more time on the page, thereby deepening their engagement with the platform and increasing the likelihood of return visits.  As of 2024 and beyond, contextually relevant video will now be table stake to manage great fill and premium CPMs. The 2022 IAB video reclassification and third-party cookies deprecation are now forcing publishers to deliver contextually relevant videos to their editorial.

Responsive Design

In an era dominated by mobile device usage, ensuring your video content’s responsive design is indispensable. A video player that adapts fluidly across devices enhances the user experience, significantly improving retention among mobile viewers. This adaptability is critical not only for user satisfaction but also for accommodating the diverse ways in which content is consumed across different platforms, thereby maximizing accessibility and engagement.

STN Video Optimized Mobile Player

Optimize for SEO

Leveraging SEO through strategic video title, description, and metadata inclusion significantly increases your content’s visibility. This optimization is crucial for enhancing discoverability in a crowded digital ecosystem, potentially boosting organic traffic substantially. Furthermore, ensuring videos are easily accessible and indexable by search engines can lead to higher rankings and visibility, drawing more viewers to your content and extending its reach beyond immediate audiences. For detailed strategies and tips, read our comprehensive guide on Video SEO.

Monitor and Adapt

The dynamic nature of digital engagement necessitates ongoing monitoring and adaptation, which can significantly enhance user interaction with videos. Employing analytics to discern viewing patterns and preferences allows for the strategic tailoring of video placements, optimizing user engagement. Regularly A/B testing different placements can unveil invaluable insights into audience preferences, enabling content strategies that resonate more deeply with viewers and encourage prolonged interaction with the platform.

In wrapping up, the strategic placement of video players is a critical element in capturing and maintaining user attention in digital publishing. Recognizing and adapting to the evolving consumer preference sand technological advancements is key. Our internal case studies highlight the substantial benefits of adhering to these strategies, including:

  • 16X increase in impressions
  • 8.6X increase in revenue per user
  • a 26% increase in CPM
  • a 21X increase in overall revenue

By implementing these expanded strategies, digital publishers can ensure their video content not only captures attention but also significantly contributes to the overarching success of their platforms, setting a new standard in user engagement and content retention.

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