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Transformative Video Technology

Lightning Fast, Intuitive, Customizable and Resource-Free


Copy, Paste, Done

It’s that easy. Getting video from STN on your site is as easy as copy and pasting our embed code wherever you want your player.

What does STN Video Player Technology Deliver?

sendtonews ai technology fast video

Lightning Fast

sendtonews ai technology page load time

No Effect on
Load Times

sendtonews ai technology content control

Content Control

sendtonews ai technology kpi delivery

KPI delivery
(Viewability, VCR etc)

sendtonews ai technology ai functionality

AI Functionality

sendtonews ai technology integrations


An AI-Powered Video Solution
for Your Entire Site

Smart Match® reads your published articles then selects and embeds the most relevant video from our library of 2 million videos. See how it works:

STN Video Recirculation Tool

Keep your users up-to-date and on-site by delivering a clickable video preview of  your top or trending articles. Read more about how to leverage this tool to boost user experience while driving revenue HERE.

AI Local Stories

Enhance the contextually relevant video offering to your users with our automated player that uses AI to create a video unique and specific to any article on your site.  How does it work?  Read more HERE.

Smart Match® Code Generator

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Your Video Solution