Gusto brings an ‘appetizing addition’ to the SendtoNews content catalogue 

Publishers can embed Gusto’s culinary videos on their sites at no cost

NEW YORK, March 15, 2021 — SendtoNews (STN Video), North America’s largest independent online video platform, is pleased to announce that digital video content from Gusto Worldwide Media is now available to STN Video’s 1,800 publishers within the United States. Gusto is an innovative media company that produces, distributes, and broadcasts inspiring culinary programming. Gusto’s library includes the largest digital culinary content catalog in the world featuring celebrity chefs, including Spencer Watts, Vanessa Gianfresco and Michael Bonacini. 

“Content from Gusto is an appetizing addition for all of our publishers and advertisers looking to match their products to contextually relevant culinary and lifestyle video” says STN Video CEO Matthew Watson. “Providing premium content to digital publishers that is relevant to their users’ lives is a priority in our mission of helping our partners thrive. This new offering is sure to keep their readers on page while helping extend the Gusto brand to new audiences.”

Gusto’s video content showcases a mix of cuisines, food pairings and entertaining hosts. Its programming ranges from unforgettable cooking to adventurous documentaries about good and sustainability. With 100 new hours of original content created annually, Gusto TV operates on a premium culinary channel across multiple international platforms

“SendtoNews is an innovative and exciting video platform that allows us to share our most excellent content with a whole new audience,” says Chris Knight, CEO and President of Gusto Worldwide Media. “Very much looking forward to great success with SendtoNews as our partner.”

Gusto is the latest content partner to join STN Video’s platform of over 200 providers, including MLB, NBA, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Rolling Stone, Variety and more. STN Video delivers this content to over 1,800 digital publishers across North America. The STN Video online video platform delivers a +90 percent incremental audience for its content providers from their owned and operated properties, allowing them to extend their video viewership to a virtually unduplicated audience.

About SendtoNews (STN Video)

SendtoNews (STN Video) is an award-winning online video platform that solves digital video for publishers, content creators, and advertisers. 

STN Video supplies digital publishers with premium content, advanced player technology, and reliable revenue. With a library of up to 5,000 new videos every day, the STN Video online video platform serves over 1,800 publishers and hundreds of premium content providers at zero cost. STN Video’s partners include publishers like the NY Post, NY Daily News, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and premium content providers like MLB, NBA, Bloomberg, AP and Rolling Stone. Using the STN Video online video platform, publishers easily serve official video to keep readers engaged and on-site longer. 

The combination of official, premium content, and top publishers provides a brand-safe environment for advertisers and connects content providers with a broader incremental audience. STN Video’s advanced technology sets it apart, offering the best contextually relevant content via Smart Match, an AI-powered video player. Smart Match matches articles with

content from an extensive library of over 1 million videos, allowing publishers to embed relevant videos on every page automatically in seconds. 

The STN Video online video platform improves user experience, publisher workflow, and both its partners’ top and bottom lines. STN Video shares the revenue it generates with publishing partners and content creators while also accommodating their own advertising sales. Follow SendtoNews on Twitter @sendtonews, on LinkedIn and Facebook

About Gusto Worldwide Media 

Gusto Worldwide Media is an innovative media company that produces, distributes, and broadcasts inspiring culinary and lifestyle programming. From multiple in-studio shows featuring unforgettable cooking to adventurous documentary programming about food culture and sustainability, Gusto TV showcases a mix of diverse cuisines, unique food pairings, and entertaining hosts. Gusto’s state-of-the-art Canadian facility features a studio, test kitchen, post-production plant, master control, and play-out services. With 100+ new hours of original content created annually, Gusto operates on the premium lifestyle channel Gusto in Canada as well as across multiple international platforms. For more information, visit

About Gusto TV 

Gusto TV is the world’s best food television channel. From in-studio cooking series featuring creative recipes and dynamic hosts to fascinating documentary and reality series about food culture and sustainability, Gusto TV delivers a diverse mix of engaging and inspiring cooking programming that resonates globally. Gusto TV’s internationally acclaimed series include DNA Dinners, One World Kitchen, and Cook Like a Chef.


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