SendtoNews Adds Future plc to Online Video Platform

SendtoNews will allow Future plc to extend their reach across over 1800 digital publishers and over 45 million unique viewers

NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2020 – SendtoNews (STN), North America’s largest independent Online Video Platform, has announced it has entered an agreement to add Future plc’s digital video content from their leading brands, including TechRadar, GamesRadar,, and Tom’s Guide.

Future plc is a global multi-platform media company with successful brands in specialist consumer and B2B sectors, including technology, gaming & entertainment, music, creative & photography, home interest, education, and television. Future will leverage the SendtoNews online video platform to add to their existing audience of over 260+ million worldwide viewers passionate about their expert content.

“This agreement with SendtoNews extends the reach of our most popular video content to entirely new audiences,” says Claire MacLellan, Chief Operating Officer, Future plc. “By teaming with STN, we’re excited to bring an even more powerful experience to our audience, and in turn, grow our brand through contextually relevant editorial placements on their platform.”

Future plc is the latest content partner to join STN’s platform of over 200 providers, including MLB, NBA, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Rolling Stone, Variety, and more. STN delivers this content to over 1800 digital publishers across North America, helping content providers extend audiences for their video content beyond their owned and operated properties.

“Helping our content partners reach new and unique audiences has always been a strategic offering of SendtoNews,” says Biagio DeCesare, Director of Content Operations, SendtoNews. “Future’s content delivers amazing quality for our publishing partners, and we are excited to help them extend their brand across our platform. We are confident both our publishers and their audiences will enjoy this quality video content.”

The SendtoNews online video platform helps content providers get their brand in front of a +90% unique and incremental audience by delivering their video in contextually relevant editorial environments. SendtoNews Smart Match AI-powered video player intelligently matches editorial content with the most relevant video in the STN library and instantly produces it upon publishing the article. This allows publishers to get video into their articles seamlessly and intuitively while providing more opportunities for brand extension to content providers.

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About SendtoNews
SendtoNews’ award-winning online video platform solves digital video for publishers, content creators, and advertisers.

SendtoNews (STN) supplies digital publishers with premium content, advanced player technology, and reliable revenue. With a library of over 1 million videos and up to 5000 new videos every day, the SendtoNews online video platform serves over 1800 publishers and hundreds of premium content providers at zero cost. SendtoNews’ partners include publishers like the NY Post, NY Daily News, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and premium content providers like MLB, NBA, Bloomberg, AP, Rolling Stone. Using the SendtoNews online video platform, publishers easily serve official video to keep readers engaged and on-site longer.

The combination of official, premium content, and top publishers provides a brand-safe environment for advertisers and connects content providers with a broader incremental audience. SendtoNews’ advanced technology sets it apart, offering the best contextually relevant content via Smart Match, an AI-powered video player. Smart Match matches articles with content from an extensive library of over 1 million videos, allowing publishers to embed relevant videos on every page automatically in seconds.

The SendtoNews online video platform improves user experience, publisher workflow, and both its partners’ top and bottom lines. SendtoNews shares the revenue we generate with publishing partners and content creators while also accommodating their own advertising sales.

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About Future
Future is a global platform business for specialist media with diversified revenue streams. Its content reaches 1 in 3 adults in both the UK and the US.

The Media division is high-growth with three complementary revenue streams: eCommerce, events, and digital advertising, including advertising within newsletters. It operates in a number of sectors including technology, games & entertainment, music, home & gardens, sports, TV & film, real life, women’s lifestyle, and B2B, and its brands include TechRadar, PC Gamer, Tom’s Guide, Android Central, Truly, Digital Camera World, Homebuilding & Renovating Show, GamesRadar+, The Photography Show, Top Ten Reviews, Marie Claire, Live Science, Guitar World, MusicRadar,, What to Watch, Gardening Etc, Advnture, and Tom’s Hardware.

The Magazine division focuses on publishing specialist content, with a combined global circulation of over 3 million delivered through more than 130 publications. The portfolio spans technology, games & entertainment, sports, music, photography & design, homes & garden, country lifestyle, TV & film, and B2B. Its titles include Country Life, Wallpaper*, Woman & Home, Classic Rock, Decanter, Guitar Player, FourFourTwo, Homebuilding & Renovating, Digital Camera, Guitarist, How It Works, Total Film, What Hi-Fi? and Music Week.

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