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March 19, 2020 – New York, NY – SendtoNews (STN), owner and operator of North America’s foremost digital video distribution platform, has developed a video player with a playlist dedicated to providing publishers and their readers the most up-to-the-minute premium Coronavirus/COVID-19 video coverage. The player features Coronavirus-related video from trusted sources like Associated Press, Bloomberg, GeoBeats Health, Rolling Stone, Cheddar, the NBA, MLB, NFL and other major sports leagues and over 100+ others to deliver contextually relevant content seamlessly to publishers, updated every 20 minutes.

To date, the player is averaging over 10 million daily video views and is being used by hundreds of publishers like the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, SF Gate, New York Daily News and Baltimore Sun.

To use the player, publishers simply paste the embed code on their site(s) wherever they want Coronavirus video coverage. The player then selects the most recent and relevant Coronavirus related content from STN’s library of over 600,000 videos delivering a contextually relevant and informative experience for their users. As STN receives up to 5000 new videos per day, the player is refreshed every 20 minutes and instantly populated with the most current video pertaining to all Coronavirus/COVID-19 coverage including breaking news, expert analysis, health/wellness updates, financial impact, regulatory briefings and more.

“In times of uncertainty, information is the first line of defence and publishers serve their community well by giving them the most up-to-date and accurate news available,” says Matthew Watson, CEO of SendtoNews. “This new player dedicated to the whole spectrum of Coronavirus coverage is designed to aid in that goal by delivering reliable and current video content to add to our publishing partners already exemplary coverage.”

SendtoNews’s video players have been used by leading names in publishing like the NY Post, Chicago Tribune, SF Gate, Houston Chronicle and over 1800 others. Case studies have shown that the player yields results such as nearly 4x time on page, 11x more impressions and 33% more page views, delivering the best in digital video content, technology and monetization to publishers.

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