SendtoNews Video selected as finalist in Digiday Video Awards

Marks third consecutive time company shortlisted for Best Video Distribution Platform

NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2021SendtoNews Video (STN), North America’s largest independent online video platform, has been named a finalist in the Best Video Distribution Platform category of the 2021 Digiday Video and TV Awards.

For the third year in a row, STN has been shortlisted for its three-sided digital video platform, which provides resource-free premium technology, content and monetization to publishers.

In 2020, STN’s online video platform received 13.3 billion views, a 32-percent increase from 2019. The technology company uses a revenue share model with its more than 1,800 publishers, and was able to help publishers increase their revenue during the pandemic. In fact, one publisher increased revenue by 4,699 percent by partnering with STN.

“We are always thrilled to be recognized as a leader in the industry we serve, especially by Digiday, a go-to resource for digital advertising, content and publishing news,” said STN CEO Matthew Watson. “Our end goal is enhanced service to our partners and helping them thrive in new and challenging environments — like what we saw in 2020. This award is a fantastic recognition of that success.”

Last year was fraught with challenges for companies around the world and the publishing industry was no exception. For STN, the halting of many sporting events as well as brands being concerned about appearing next to COVID-related content meant it had to think outside the box to help publishers grow revenue. STN was well-known for its premium library of sports content and its status as the number 1 sports video online video platform in North America. In 2020, it continued its expansion across all content categories building out over 200 premium content brands. Ultimately, STN grew its content library by 98 percent in 2020 to over 1 million videos. It signed new content partners, such as Future PLC, Newsy and ZMG, as well as expanded its offerings with existing providers, such as Conde Nast, Bloomberg and all the major sports leagues.  

These innovative content solutions gave advertisers many new brand safe and contextual relevant opportunities for their creatives as well as allowed publishers to satisfy their audience’s need for information and rich content. 

STN ensures readers are engaged with contextually relevant videos through its Smart Match AI-powered technology. Publishers simply place one single embed code on their website and the relevant video content from the STN library is matched with their articles. Smart Match offers exceptional monetization as well as more impressions and longer time spent on page.

The Digiday Video and TV Awards recognize companies that use video and TV to modernize media and marketing. Finalists are judged on their ability to both solve industry-wide challenges and create opportunities for their partners. The winner of Best Video Distribution Platform will be announced alongside 27 other categories on March 25 on

About SendtoNews Video (STN)

SendtoNews Video (STN) is an award-winning online video platform that solves digital video for publishers, content creators, and advertisers. 

STN supplies digital publishers with premium content, advanced player technology, and reliable revenue. With a library of up to 5,000 new videos every day, the STN online video platform serves over 1,800 publishers and hundreds of premium content providers at zero cost. STN’s partners include publishers like the NY Post, NY Daily News, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and premium content providers like MLB, NBA, Bloomberg, AP and Rolling Stone. Using the STN online video platform, publishers easily serve official video to keep readers engaged and on-site longer. 

The combination of official, premium content, and top publishers provides a brand-safe environment for advertisers and connects content providers with a broader incremental audience. STN’s advanced technology sets it apart, offering the best contextually relevant content via Smart Match, an AI-powered video player. Smart Match matches articles with content from an extensive library of over 1 million videos, allowing publishers to embed relevant videos on every page automatically in seconds. 

The STN online video platform improves user experience, publisher workflow, and both its partners’ top and bottom lines. STN shares the revenue it generates with publishing partners and content creators while also accommodating their own advertising sales.

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