STN And SpotX participates In Case Study To Grow Publisher Revenue

STN is committed to maximizing the amount of revenue it delivers to its publishing partners.

One of those ways is through header bidding, an advanced ad selling technique that lets publishers offer their ad inventory to multiple exchanges, ahead of making the call to the ad server. This is designed to help publishers get the most revenue for their available ad inventory.

By activating header bidding with SpotX, STN was able to access an additional 44% of programmatic revenue for it’s publishing partners.

“Their use of video-centric header bidding via SpotX has become a win-win for both parties and, coupled with their award-winning technology, SendToNews has cemented their position as a market leader in Sports Video,” says Tal Almany, Sr. Director Advanced Integrations at SpotX.



Header bidding has been called a much cleaner version of programmatic bidding and is designed specifically to ensure publishers get the most return on their inventory as possible.

Read the full case study from SpotX HERE

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