STN Releases STN Create – Effortless Dynamic Video Creation

STN’s latest product release delivers an effortless contextually matched video for every article on a publisher’s site. 

March 9 2023 – New York, New York.  STN Video, North America’s largest independent Online Video Platform, announces the release of STN Create – a seamless and zero-lift tool that uses AI to create a contextually matched video for every article on a publisher’s site. 

STN Create references the information within a publisher’s article, such as written content, images, stats and more, to produce a video that is a perfect contextual match for the article. The assets to create the videos are obtained automatically through the STN Player obviating the time, cost and effort involved with using RSS feed(s) or through manual curation. The result is an endless supply of hyper-relevant videos to a publisher’s site that are precisely contextually matched to the articles on each and every page, driving more engagement and revenue on a publisher’s site through the STN Online Video Platform. 

STN Create supports a publisher’s audience engagement efforts by allowing for the instantaneous creation of video carousels that recommends other articles from within the publisher’s site to the end user. With other platforms, these videos are built from an RSS feed where only the latest headlines are pushed to the forefront, regardless of relevancy. Now, with STN Create, a publisher eliminates the need for this systematic feed and delivers recommendation videos based on popular articles, section content, geo location, and much more all in real time providing the ability to configure the carousel based on preferences and business objectives.

STN Create is especially powerful for the locally focused site as it creates 1:1 video matches against any article, including specialized content like local news, real estate listings, high-school sports, and/or classifieds. 

“STN boasts the largest selection of premium content providers including the NFL, Condé Nast, MLB and 250 more. The release of STN Create complements that content portfolio with the easiest way possible for publishers to ensure they have the most relevant video content in each and every article on their site.” says Jacquie King, COO, STN Video. “The fact that a publisher can now have high-quality video content for any category of editorial or any user segment truly means that there are an infinite number of possibilities that STN Create delivers.” 

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