STN Video Launches the Industry’s Only Fully Configurable OVP With the Release of the Next Generation Video Player

STN’s latest release enhances digital video player performance, simplifies publisher workflow, and increases earning potential with diverse monetization opportunities.


New York, April 19, 2022: STN Video, creator of the industry’s leading online video platform, is excited to announce the launch of the industry’s only fully configurable video player. STN’s next generation player marks the release of new features that STN’s publishers can use to simplify their workflows and go beyond the basics into easily customizable aesthetics, an unparalleled level of player configurations based on desired user experience, and more STN monetization options than ever before, all in a faster player further optimized for on-page performance, viewability, and search ranking. 

STN is offering their publishers unlimited player configurability via one embed code, giving them the power to deliver video in the manner they deem best at any given time. Publishers who utilize STN’s player via multiple locations across their site(s), including mobile and desktop, can tailor each experience based on their unique needs for the ultimate combination of engagement, performance and monetization. With this next generation player, publishers will be able to seamlessly configure any combination of:

  • Content delivered
  • Player functionality by template type
  • Player functionality by geo-location
  • User experience for subscribers versus anonymous visitors
  • Player position by template and viewport
  • Functionalities and settings
  • Custom look and feel
  • And much more…

Initial tests of STN’s NextGen player have seen cases of marked improvement in both performance and revenue metrics including a:

  • 14% increase in impressions delivered 
  • 20% increase in viewability 
  • 9% increase in page load speed
  • 16% increase in player loads

Their latest release will be instantly upgraded across STN’s entire platform. 

Other features: 

  • Increased revenue and optimized implementation to minimize blockage from third parties such as browsers and/or browser extensions
  • Enhancements to mobile player functionality resulting in better user experience, higher viewability and longer watch times
  • Ability for player to work seamlessly in any format and viewport (landscape, portrait, full-width etc)


Publisher needs have always been at the core of STN’s video solutions architecture. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, STN’s publishing partners have OVP features and functionalities that save them resources and time. AI-based tools native to the next generation player include: 

  • Smart Match®,, which was built to enable publishers to integrate contextually relevant, premium video in every article at scale.
  • STN’s Recirculation Tool that reads a publisher’s article to build contextually relevant video that complements the publisher’s editorial content.
  • STN’s AI-Created Local Stories Tool creates unique content based off of story-level data assets  to deliver previously unavailable video for nearly every article on a publisher’s site.

All the video player tools take only moments to install on publisher web properties for desktop and mobile viewing. Other exciting updates to STN’s digital video player are in beta testing with a full roll-out of new features expected mid-year. 

“We’re able to configure a different experience in each section of our publishers’ sites to enhance user experience  and improve engagement while bringing publishers new, optimized revenue opportunities,” stated Matthew Watson, CEO of STN Video. “Video has become necessary in today’s publishing world. Publishers choose STN’s turnkey OVP to access premium, exclusive content and technology along with robust monetization opportunities. Our rollout of STN’s next generation OVP gives publishers unsurpassed control of every bit of the online video experience, tailored for their unique audiences. Video can be any way a publisher wants it on their site(s), leveraged from any combination of 5,000+ daily videos from over 250 content providers; publisher-produced content; recirculation video; AI-produced local video; and livestream content.”

This update will be live across all STN partner sites on April 19th, 2022. To learn how you can implement STN’s next generation player and premium video content on your website, please visit and contact us or get started. And join STN for a Zoom webinar on Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 11am Pacific where STN’s product, engineering, and client success teams will showcase the next-generation player redesign, features, and what it means for you.

Media Contact: David Davies, (250) 744-7415,

About STN Video

STN Video is North America’s largest independent online video platform, helping digital publishers, content providers and advertisers thrive with online video. STN Video delivers brand safe video from over 250 providers including MLB, Rolling Stone, Variety, Associated Press, the NBA and Bloomberg and in contextually relevant environments across 1,900+ trusted, local publishers including the New York Post, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and more. 

STN Video has a library of 1 million+ videos spanning sports, business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle and more. Using Smart Match® AI-powered technology, publishers simply place an embed code on their website and relevant video content gets matched with their articles.

STN offers advertisers a premium environment for their brands combining an industry-leading scale of over 1.5 billion monthly available impressions with the granularity of local and diverse audiences across North America. 

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