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Publisher How-To Resources

Please scroll down to discover our library of resources, our FAQ section or to submit a question.

Getting started is easy.

STN’s online video platform is built to serve you. Here are resources to get you up and running fast. Our publisher success managers can also help!


How-To Resource Library

OVP Quick Start Guide

Successful video player setup starts here

A step-by-step guide to help you get the STN video player in your articles and on your section fronts in no time!

Our WordPress OVP Plugin

Get set up in WordPress

Our WordPress OVP plugin lets you to integrate STN video players in your articles and on your websites. A seamless video experience for you and your viewers!

Maximizing Your Monetization

Video revenues made easy

Best practices to maximize video monetization and user experience without the ad overload.

The Publisher’s Dashboard

Make managing your workflows a breeze

Track results or upload your own content and create customized playlists! Get the best of both worlds by mixing your in-house produced videos with a playlist of related content from the STN Video library.

Creating a Playlist

Custom playlists with the STN Publisher’s Dashboard

Keep users engaged with a seamless viewing experience. Check out this step-by-step guide to creating playlists in the Publisher’s Dashboard.

Manually Embedding Video

The power is in your hands

Leveraging our manual video embed feature puts your editors in complete control of your users’ video experience.

Uploading Videos

Create your own content library

Maximize the distribution of your in-house video. Upload your own content to use on your own site, or distribute your content across our entire platform.

Managing Ads.Txt

Prevent unauthorized ad inventory sales

STN delivers brand-safe content that also generates revenue. We do this using the industry standard ads.txt to fight against fraud and misrepresented domains. Our FAQ provides answers to commonly asked questions about optimizing ads.txt.

Understanding Google MCM

Secure Continued Monetization

Ensure you are receiving the maximum amount of revenue available to your site! This FAQ about Google’s Multi-customer Management Program answers common questions and explains why it’s imperative to your ongoing revenue growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Submit this form and a member of our publisher success team will provide all the tools you need to begin.
You have complete control over the video content on your site. You can manually select ONLY the videos you want, or allow our AI-powered technology to pick the most contextually relevant videos for you.
We sell video advertising ahead of the content on the STN Video player and split that revenue with you. The more you use our player, the more money you make!
We work with over 1,800 publishers who use a variety of content management systems. Implementation is as easy as copying and pasting an embed code. STN’s WordPress OVP plugin provides editors with the ability to integrate STN Video players into their articles and website templates.
Your dedicated publisher success manager will work with you to provide custom solutions to help maximize your use of our online video platform. View our tools for success here.
We provide you with a simple video embed code that you copy and paste directly where you want video. It’s that easy.
Absolutely! Upload your own content to use on your own site or distribute your content across our entire platform.
Definitely! Our sales team will help you illustrate the power of our online video platform to all of your clients, giving you a larger revenue share.
Never. Our OVP is hosted, maintained and curated on our end, meaning it’s optimized with your page load times and performance in-mind.
The entire STN platform is – and always will be – offered at zero cost. No catch, no gimmicks. Our success is based on yours, so we want to help you thrive.
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