Getting Registered with Tipalti

The time has come, you’ve updated your ads.txt file, and you’ve been earning money with the STN video player. Now it’s time to get paid! 

We use Tipalti to pay out your earnings and this help article will help you get set up and ready to receive payouts.

Get Registered with Tipalti

When you were approved for our monetization program, you would have received an email that looks something like this: 

After clicking the link to register, you’ll be prompted to set a password and other account details in Tipalti.

Once you’ve filled out your account details and clicked the Register button, you’ll be taken to a success screen that looks like this:

Click the Click here button to login and move on to the next step.

Required Information

Now that you’re registered and logged in, you’ll be asked to fill out some additional information, starting with your contact details. Please ensure that the details you enter here match with the information your bank or financial institution has on file.  

After filling out your contact information, click the Next button to move on to the next step. 

Selecting a Payment Method

Tipalti supports a number of different payment methods, you’ll be able to choose from a physical check, wire transfer, or an ACH/Direct Deposit.

Each payment method requires different information, and the fields you need to fill out will change based on the payment method you select. In the following screenshot, you’ll see we’ve selected ACH/Direct Deposit as our payment method. 

Don’t forget to check the box, I agree to the Terms of Service and Tipalti’s Privacy Policy. then click Next to move on to the next step. 

Tax Forms

After you’ve chosen a payment method, you’ll be prompted to select the appropriate tax form. 

Please note that STN Video cannot provide tax advice. If you are unfamiliar with your tax obligations, or the form you’ll need, please ask your accountant or bookkeeping professional for advice. 

After you’ve completed your tax form, you’ll be all set! 

Once you’ve registered with Tipalti, your payouts will be sent to the bank account you registered with. 

Still need help? CONTACT US or visit our PUBLISHER RESOURCES.


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