Understanding Google MCM

MCM Partner Transition FAQ

STN Video is excited to help our publishers participate in Google’s Multiple Customer Management program and help them maximize their revenue.

  • What is MCM?

The Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program is a new initiative from Google, replacing the existing product called Scaled Partner Management. STN Video is required to be a part of this initiative and will be using the Manage Inventory component. This will only affect the monetization of the STN-managed inventory on your site.

To learn more about MCM, please feel free to look at the Google-provided documentation HERE.

  • How does this affect monetization?

We need your approval for the continued monetization of STN-managed inventory as Google pushes the transitions from SPM to MCM. This includes all monetization through the STN player.

Please help us to make sure that we are able to continue to provide the premium demand opportunities we have up until this point.

  • As a partner, what do you need to do to ensure continued monetization?

Luckily, it is easy! The STN team will send you an invite through the Google portal. If you don’t see it, search your email for the subject line “Request for network delegation.” Simply press Accept and add in your Google Network ID. After that, STN will receive a notification, and the rest is on us.

IMPORTANT: When accepting an invite for MCM, please ensure your provided network invite acceptance ID matches your associated domain’s GAM ID.

  • What is the timeline?

As this is a Google initiative, they set the deadlines. We must have all inventory moved over to the MCM product for January 2022.

Still need help? CONTACT US or visit our PUBLISHER RESOURCES.


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