Get Ready for the NHL Global Series Games

Exciting times are ahead for hockey fans and publishers alike! As the National Hockey League (NHL) Global Series Games take the ice in Sweden this weekend, STN Video stands as your ultimate destination for enriching highlights, detailed recaps, and insightful analysis. With a staggering +206% increase in viewership of our official NHL content year-over-year, we’re proud to bring these international games closer to you.

Global Series Schedule

Thursday, Nov 16: Detroit Red Wings vs Ottawa Senators (2:00 PM ET)

Friday, Nov 17: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Red Wings (2:00 PM ET)

Saturday, Nov 18: Minnesota Wild vs Senators (11:00 AM ET)

Sunday, Nov 19: Maple Leafs vs Wild (8:00 AM ET)

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As the NHL brings its excitement to Sweden, STN Video ensures that your audience won’t miss a beat. Prepare for an unforgettable hockey weekend, and offer your viewers more than just the game – immerse them in the world of high-quality hockey content. 

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