Extend Your Reach To
High Quality Audiences

Extend your content to fans reading their favorite digital publications.

50 Million

Unique Viewers

STN Video helps premium content creators reach a +90% unduplicated audience across our platform of national and local media sites in categories such as sports, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, news and technology. Partner with STN to grow your brand and reach entirely new audiences for your content.

Reach Engaged Audiences
on More Than 2000 Local and National Sites

STN Video helps content creators maximize their audience while amplifying their overall video revenue capability. We deliver your content in trusted environments, reaching engaged audiences who WANT to watch your videos. Your premium video combined with STN’s massive footprint of relevant environments ensure the best experience to help earn more revenue against a unique audience.

Our Video


STN’s OVP solution provides a full revenue stack from the first video play onwards, helping support your video creation efforts. We can easily incorporate your video sales effort from your team via our direct ad server integration, and can help you drive subscription and digital commerce to your site.