STN Video offers publishers free, exclusive daily NBA Video Content all season long!

STN Video is proud to be the official NBA premium digital video content partner for the 2022-2023 season – our 7th consecutive year partnering with the NBA, WNBA, and G-League. With hundreds of daily exclusive videos direct from the NBA, your audience will receive the very best basketball content at zero cost:

  •   All NBA game highlights and recaps
  •   Player and coach interviews
  •   League-wide recaps
  •   Plays of the day
  •   In-studio analysis
  •   Trending and viral content

During the 2021-2022 season, the STN Online Video Player saw over 370 Million plays of NBA content across more than 2000 STN publishing partners.

Using STN’s innovative SmartMatch technology, we have been able to match NBA video content to more than 28,000 publisher articles per hour, freeing up precious resources in the newsroom while creating awesome opportunities for user engagement with this fan-centric basketball content. 

Along with the increase in viewership, STN provides substantial revenue to publishers against the NBA content with nearly 80% more basketball advertising impressions delivered this year compared to the 2020-2021 season.

STN Video’s objective is to provide world-class OVP technology and monetization solutions tailored to publishers’ needs. We start by securing the best content in sports, entertainment, lifestyle, news, and more. We then load upwards of 5000 new premium videos per day into our award-winning technology platform that delivers these videos in real-time to more than 2000 publishers across North America. Lastly, we provide pre-loaded revenue solutions, providing our publishers with video revenue from the very first play. 

Don’t wait to have outstanding videos from the NBA and more than 250 other premium content providers on your site, contact us or get started.

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