Managing Playlists

Keep users engaged with a seamless viewing experience. Check out this step-by-step guide to creating playlists in the Publisher’s Dashboard.

With STN Video, you aren’t limited to embedding a single video, you can also manage and embed playlists containing multiple videos. 

This help article will break down creating and managing video playlists

Creating a Playlist

You can create playlists from the Publisher’s Dashboard under the Manage Playlist section on the left side menu. Click Create a Playlist which will take you to the playlist creation screen shown below:

You can name your playlist however you want, but we recommend keeping the name short and descriptive. For example: if you want to make a playlist with cooking and food content to be used only for 2023 you could name it “Food 2023”.

Please note: The name of your playlist is only shown in the STN Publisher’s Dashboard within your account. 

When you’ve decided on a name for your playlist, press enter or click the Create button to move on.

Adding Videos to a Playlist

Once you’ve created your playlist, you’ll be taken to the STN Content Library where you can search for videos you want to add to your playlist.

When you’ve found a video you want to add, click the little filmstrip icon on the right side of the video. There you’ll be prompted to pick an existing playlist, or create a new one:

Please Note: You can add up to 10 videos per playlist. 

If you try to add more than 10 videos to a playlist you’ll get the following error:

Playlist has max number of items (10)  

You’ll need to either remove a video from your playlist, or create a new playlist instead.

Managing a Playlist

After you’ve added videos to your playlist, you can customize the order and more from the Manage Playlists option in the left side menu of the Publisher’s Dashboard. Click the name of the playlist you want to manage. Here you’ll be able to see your existing playlists, remove videos, and change the order of the videos in a playlist.

You can click and drag videos into a different order using the little domino handles on the left side, or click the red X to remove a video from the playlist. If you need to undo a change, click the little undo arrow on the top right.

Embedding a Playlist

Now that you’ve added videos to your playlist and sorted them the way you want, it’s time to embed it on your site! 

On the top right of the playlist screen, you’ll see a few different icons: 

Click the code icon to copy the embed code for a HiView player playlist. Click the rectangle icon to copy a page width player playlist embed code, clicking the trashcan icon will archive the playlist.

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