How can you ensure brand safety?

Your clients’ brands are everything, which is why it’s crucial to make sure your messaging is in the right place, surrounded by the right content and reaches the right people: an engaged audience who will associate your brand with positive content.

To ensure their brand is received favorably, advertisers need to partner with video platforms that provide a wide range of premium, brand-safe content on well-vetted publisher sites in contextually relevant placements. 

What Can Go Wrong?

There are countless horror stories of misplaced online ads, ranging from somewhat harmless to potentially catastrophic. Internet titans like Facebook struggle to create a brand-safe environment for advertisers – in summer 2020, several major brands staged a boycott of the social media platform, citing a lack of meaningful action by Facebook to end hate speech and misinformation on its site. This is not a new problem, and controversy and questions of brand safety have plagued the platform for years. 

Advertisers have good reason to want assurance that their content is not showing up alongside hateful or divisive content: one study found that many consumers view unsafe ad placement as an intentional endorsement of negative content. But unless companies like Facebook decide to undertake a major organizational shift, there’s no way they can ensure brand safety. 

How we get it right

Most importantly, SendtoNews has the right digital video content. 

We’ve solved the problem of brand safety by building a content library that encompasses more than one million premium videos across all major categories, including crowd favorites like sports, food, business and entertainment. Our providers are top-tier, including media giants like the NFL, NBA, MLB, Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Associated Press, and hundreds more. Our library is constantly growing, and SendtoNews platform ingests between 1500 and 5000 new videos each day.  

In addition to publishers that are well-known on a national scale, SendtoNews partners with hundreds of local publishers like the NY Post, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and San Francisco Chronicle. These placements are highly viewable, contextually relevant and reflect a high degree of “intent to watch” by the viewer. The STN platform reaches local audiences on their hometown websites, giving advertisers the ability to reach users that national sites tend to miss. According to Comscore cross-viewership metrics, our local partnerships help increase advertisers’ reach by over 90% from large national publishers. 

The bottom line is that SendtoNews delivers premium content on brand safe recognized sites, all while supporting it with guaranteed KPIs for advertisers.

Don’t forget the context

Context is key, and in addition to matching content to the page it’s placed on, prioritizing contextual relevance will ensure you reach the right audience. 

Contextual relevance exists when the Publisher, content and creative all “make sense” with one another. This makes it more likely for users to respond favorably to ads, and to view ads that are relevant to them in the first place. 

Google’s recently announced move away from cookies makes contextual relevance one of the most important tools in an advertiser’s arsenal. That’s why SendtoNews developed the Smart Match system, which uses proprietary AI technology to automatically match and populate digital video content in publisher articles based on keywords. Smart Match also ensures that your content will gain the largest, most engaged audience possible.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure you find a solution that will offer you control as well as peace of mind. SendtoNews is a trusted partner with a digital video library spanning millions of videos in every category. 

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