In Digital Media Advertising, Context Is Key

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Ad blockers are gaining traction and cookies will soon be laid to rest in the privacy sandbox. So what’s a publisher to do when trying to engage their audience and drive digital revenue?

Contextual relevance is part of the solution.

Among other things, cookies track users’ behaviour, following them from page to page and allowing advertisers to serve them targeted ads as many times – and in as many places – as possible. But although it’s the most widely-used method of targeted advertising, it’s far from the only way to get a user’s attention.

Focusing on contextual relevance involves matching highly relevant content to the page the user is viewing (ie, content matching). When implemented successfully, users have a more favourable view of the page overall, leading to more content viewership and, subsequently, increased advertising revenue. Time and time again, content matching has proven to be the “holy grail” of engaging with your users, with reports of higher levels of satisfaction and improved overall experience, including increased engagement, dwell time, and perception. It has also shown to increase brand favourability, purchase intent and recommendation metrics, which is why advertisers seek out publishers who are making strides in the contextual relevance arena.

Using digital video is one of the most engaging ways to leverage content matching, and STN’s premium content library and Smart Match technology helps you get there through our digital video library of 600,000 videos. STN is the only platform that aggregates the best video you can find in the marketplace, adding up to 5000 pieces of timely, relevant content every day from leading providers like MLB, Condé Nast, Bloomberg, Associated Press, NBA, the NFL, Rolling Stone and 100+ more. More than that, STN’s player technology offers one of the best contextually relevant content tools in digital video: STN’s AI-powered Smart Match.

Once you add the Smart Match Player code to your website, our AI will automatically add contextually relevant videos to your articles. In a recent case study, STN’s Smart Match AI helped the New York Daily News see a lift in sports page views, unique viewers and time on page while increasing digital video revenue from STN by over 11X.

The digital advertising landscape is constantly shifting, and Google’s move away from cookies is just another bend in the road but you don’t have to drive off a cliff – contextually relevant video on your site will keep you on the road to success.

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