STN Late June/Early July Content Outlook

Here is what’s hot in the SendtoNews content library over the Next 30 days. For embed codes of these events, please see your editor’s dashboard.


The newest stars of the NBA got called up to the podium on June 22nd and STN had complete coverage of not only the draft but all the action before and after the event. STN coverage of the 2017 NBA Draft includes:

  • Player Highlights
  • Team Analysis
  • Trade and Storyline Coverage
  • Round Recaps

The NBA Draft is a perfect way for local fans to get a preview of the young stars coming to their favorite team as well as the upcoming season.


Just before MLB gets into the back-half of the season, the 2017 All-Star Game will take place on July 11th. The biggest names in baseball will head to Marlins Park in Miami for the Mid-Summer Classic to provide some of the most exciting content of the year. SendtoNews coverage includes video of:

  • All-Star Ballot Voting
  • Future All-Stars Game
  • Legends and Celebrity Softball Game
  • The 2017 MLB All-Star Game

With every team represented, all MLB fans are excited to see their favorite players perform against the league’s best.


The largest tennis event of the year runs from July 3 – 16 and STN will have exclusive content to provide its publishing partners. SendtoNews Wimbledon coverage includes:

  • Player interviews
  • Expert Analysis
  • Match Recaps
  • Trending Storylines

STN coverage of Wimbledon 2017 will engage both the casual and die-hard tennis fan and will deliver local and national storylines.

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