PressReader selects STN Video’s OVP to bring Video to its Digital Editions Platform

STN Video, creator of North America’s award-winning online video platform (OVP), is pleased to announce it will be powering video on PressReader’s Branded Editions platform, an innovative digital publishing SaaS solution for publishers wanting custom digital editions for the web, via apps, and as kiosks. Publishers and other content creators will now be able to include STN’s exclusive, premium video content and monetization within their digital editions.

“PressReader and STN Video share many partners in the publishing space, and those partners have been asking for expanded video offerings,” said Steve Chapman, SVP Content Partnerships at PressReader. “We are excited to integrate the STN video player and premium content library into our Branded Editions platform, providing publishers and their readers with the video content they are looking for, all while generating new streams of revenue for our mutual partners.”

PressReader’s Branded Editions Platform helps publishers and content creators reach new audiences and engage users longer. Over the past 12 months, users read more than 422 million issues each month with content powered by the Branded Editions platform.

For more than 20 years, PressReader’s proprietary technology has made it possible to process thousands of newspapers and magazines every single day, extracting text and images and making articles instantly translatable, searchable, and easy to read on mobile devices. STN’s premium online video platform will integrate into PressReader’s native Branded Editions SaaS platform, which is currently used by thousands of titles to provide digital editions of their newspapers and magazines, as well as online content. Publishers will now be able to provide their readers with access to premium video content, and will gain new sources of monetization in a format that already enjoys one of the highest levels of digital product user engagement.

“The PressReader partnership will deliver amazing innovation to both our publishers and their audiences,” says Phillipe Guay, Chief Revenue Officer of STN Video. “Adding relevant videos to  PressReader’s Branded Editions platform will not only add value to users by offering them great video content to complement what they already get such as local sports highlights or breaking news, but will also unlock a significant new revenue stream for publishers making it a true win/win across the board.”

STN’s NextGen video player, upon which STN’s integration with PressReader’s Branded Editions platform is based, is fully customizable to the desired publisher experience and shows improved metrics across the board, including:

  • 14% increase in impressions, 20% increase in viewability
  • 16% increase in player loads
  • 9% improvement in page load speeds

STN simplifies publisher workflows, increasing earning potential with diverse monetization opportunities. The solution takes only a few minutes to install and enables robust video content viewing from hundreds of premium content providers across desktop and mobile.

About STN Video:

STN Video is North America’s largest independent online video platform, helping digital publishers, content providers, and advertisers thrive with online video. STN Video delivers brand safe video from over 250 providers including MLB, Rolling Stone, Variety, Associated Press, the NBA and Bloomberg and in contextually relevant environments across 1,900+ trusted, local publishers including the New York Post, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and more.

STN Video has a library of 1 million+ videos spanning sports, business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle and more. Using Smart Match® AI-powered technology, publishers simply place an embed code on their website and relevant video content gets matched with their articles. For more information, visit or follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About PressReader Group of Companies:

PressReader Limited is a group of technology companies on a mission to transform the way people read and learn in the digital age. The Company is building a data-driven and experience-centric one-stop platform to empower content creators, readers and business partners in every step of content creation, distribution, information consumption and brand engagement.

The Company works with the publishers of over 14,000 newspapers, magazines and educational publications and collaborates with global business partners from 150 countries to connect people from every corner of the world with quality content. The Company’s online reading platform, PressReader, is the world’s largest digital newsstand. The all-you-can-read platform offers more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines in 64 languages from over 125 countries.

Founded in 1999 in Vancouver (Canada), the Company has since grown to over 500 employees worldwide with international offices in Dublin (Ireland), Manila (Philippines) and Phoenix (USA).

About Branded Editions:

Branded Editions, operated by PressReader Group of companies, is the premium technology powering some of the world’s most prestigious titles including The Guardian, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Clarín, El Universal and El País. Our award-winning technology supports web, iOS, Android and Amazon products which allows you to deliver your digital content to your readers how and where they want it. For more information, please visit

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