Managing Ads.Txt

Ads.Txt FAQ

STN delivers brand-safe content that also generates revenue. We do this using the industry standard ads.txt to fight against fraud and misrepresented domains. Our FAQ provides answers to commonly asked questions about optimizing ads.txt.

  • What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt is a registry created by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) showcasing all the companies they authorize to sell their inventory. It’s a simple text file that you put on your web server.

  • Why is it necessary?

Including this text file in your web server allows buyers of digital advertising to ensure that your site is authorized and legitimate.

If you are a publisher, it’s more than likely that someone is trying to sell fake inventory on your site. This is no different than a scalper selling counterfeit tickets to the Superbowl. IAB has introduced ads.txt to act as a directory of real inventory for advertisers, just like the NFL has a list of authorized ticket retailers.

  • Who is using this list?

The leading advertising buyers have already declared their intention to use ads.txt as a reference for legitimate ad impressions. These include Google, AppNexus and Centro. Several advertising agencies have also made it clear that they intend to ONLY buy ad inventory on publishers who use ads.txt.

Simply put, if you are not using ads.txt, eventually advertisers will stop buying your ad inventory.

  • What do i need to do?

If you are already using ads.txt please contact to get the approved list of resellers for your file. You man also use the above contact info or see the below list of FAQ’s if you need help with creating your ads.txt file, placing it on your webserver or any other questions.

For more information on ads.txt project visit the IAB Tech Lab.

  • If I integrate directly with an SSP and already have their ads.txt entry listed, why do I need to list additional entries from STN Video for the same SSP?

The STN Video player is embedded in the codebases of our publishers and we own and operate the content rights and ad inventory for the player. Despite the fact our player lives on a publisher’s webpage, the STN Video owned and operated ad stack is separate from the ad stack a publisher might use to monetize other areas of their site. An SSP will not have access to bid on STN Video inventory without an STN Video specific ads.txt entry listed in a publisher’s ads.txt file.

  • Why are all STN Video ads.txt entries listed as RESELLER rather than DIRECT?

This was a decision made purely to adhere strictly to IAB standards regarding entities that work on behalf of multiple publishers. Since STNVideo does not own and operate the domain of the webpages where our player lives, all ads.txt entries must be categorized as a RESELLER.

This being said, STN Video has complete control over the ad experience, and ultimately owns and operates the content/ad inventory, although we do not own the sites that we run on. As a result, STN Video should be viewed as a direct monetization partner, and not a reseller.

  • Is it necessary to include all ads.txt entries STN Video provides?

To maximize the revenue generating potential of the integration, all ads.txt entries STN Video provides should be listed in a publisher’s ads.txt file. If a particular publisher has self-imposed restrictions on the number of ads.txt entries allowed, STN Video can provide a shortened list of “high priority entries” but please keep in mind that the publisher will not be maximizing their revenue opportunities if this is the case.

  • What is STN Video’s Supply Path Optimization initiative?

STN Video requires that all SSPs we integrate with are a “single hop” from the DSPs themselves, meaning the SSP does not resell STN Video inventory to other SSPs or ad networks. We will only put up an ads.txt entry if there is a direct path to DSPs. If an SSP provides additional entries from other SSPs, STN Video does not accept them and will never ask our publishers to implement them in their ads.txt files.

  • Why are there multiple entries for the same SSP in the STN Video ads.txt file?

STN Video integrates with SSPs in a few different ways, each requires a different ads.txt entry for the same SSP.

Prebid: A portion of our ad inventory is sold on the programmatic open exchange through header bidding connections with our SSP partners utilizing the open-source client-side prebid header bidding wrapper.

Open Bidding: A portion of our ad inventory is sold on the programmatic open exchange through Google’s server-side header bidding solution, Open Bidding. SSPs are able to opt into this program and layer their user targeting data on top of Google’s search data to create a higher valued user to ad impression match. Open Bidding allows for publishers to receive premium CPMs for their ad impressions.

Provider Ad Stack: To source high quality video content, STN Video maintains exclusive licensing relationships with content providers like the NFL, Fox Sports, Conde Nast, etc. Some of these content providers also have their own ad stacks which they own and operate. As part of these agreements, some content providers require first look access to be able to bid on ad impressions running in front of their content. These content provider ad stacks integrate with some of the same SSPs as STN Video’s ad stack.

  • Where does STN Video’s programmatic demand come from?

STN Video requires all SSP’s we integrate with to have access to/have the ability to drive unique demand. The SSPs must have integrations with demand sources that we don’t currently have access to or they are able to drive programmatic direct revenue in the form of curated inventory packages through deal IDs.

Still need help? CONTACT US or visit our PUBLISHER RESOURCES.


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