Using an OVP to Reach New Audiences

As a trusted resource for news and information, publishers know that audience loyalty is key to their success. Building an audience that views your brand as a go-to resource for relevant and important information is a top priority, especially with media consumption at an all-time high.

Producing video to engage your audience on your owned and operated site is a common practice among many publishers. But finding a broader audience for this content who don’t frequent your property can be difficult. 

Reports by PEW research show that audiences are overwhelmingly loyal to their news source. 76% of US audiences turn to the same sources for their news and only 18% say they aren’t loyal and don’t have a preferred news source. 

Audiences seldom “poke around” or try new sources for information. This can be seen in a cross-viewership comparison from June’s US Comscore Desktop release below:



Even sites providing very similar content see little audience overlap. Users only spend a limited amount of time online, and once they feel satisfied they don’t seek out information that repeats itself. This is true on both local and national levels, and why it’s incredibly important to ensure your content reaches viewers off your site. To do this, working with a trusted Online Video Platform is critical to your success.

The SendtoNews Online Video Platform is trusted by content providers like MLB, NBA, NFL, Conde Nast, Bloomberg and the Associated Press to extend their brands to new and incremental audiences, as illustrated in the Comscore cross viewership comparison below.



The results above show that content providers of all types who use SendtoNews’ OVP to distribute their content are able to extend their messaging to over 45 million incremental viewers, familiarizing audiences with their brand wherever they get their news.  A publisher using the SendtoNews OVP for content distribution also creates an additional monetization stream as they now receive a revenue share as both a publisher and content provider. 


This in turn helps build brand loyalty and encourages audiences to seek your voice as a trusted source of information. 

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