Your Video Solution In The Time Of COVID-19

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In only a few short weeks, COVID-19 has become a global event, dramatically changing the landscape of digital media consumption. And while readers have shown a higher demand for coronavirus news, they also need a reprieve.

As the story rapidly evolves, there is a high demand for reliable, trusted information that is current down to the second. It’s no surprise that publishers have seen a significant jump in views. A recent report from Comscore shows a 35% increase in news site traffic from the beginning of March to mid-month, with increases in all categories of up to 55%.

Through solutions like SendtoNews’ dedicated coronavirus player, publishers can have the latest news video content on their sites with zero cost or effort. Updated every 20 minutes, the Sendtonews platform delivers exclusive COVID-19 videos from News, Politics and Business categories, featuring providers like Associated Press, The Street, Sharecare and Bloomberg. With new videos constantly added throughout the day, our library helps publishers keep readers informed while focusing resources where they are needed most. And as always, SendtoNews provides publishers reliable monetization in these challenging times.

On the flip side, news fatigue can quickly set in as readers are bombarded with constant COVID-19 coverage. This is why publishers need to have a robust video library at their disposal. By packing their sites with feel-good videos of communities coming together, home workout tips, comfort food recipes, humorous viral content, highlights of the most memorable sports events and more, publishers can offer readers information alongside a much-needed refuge.

SendtoNews has a library of over 600,000 premium videos, ingesting thousands more every day from the world of sports, lifestyle, technology, health, food and more. With content from Bon Appetit, Rolling Stone, MLB, Variety, NFL Vanity Fair, NBA and over 100 others, we make publishers a one-stop resource for all their users’ digital content needs.

From breaking news to entertainment to sports and everything in between, SendtoNews has publishers covered. If you’d like to learn more about our dedicated coronavirus player or our extensive catalogue of content, contact

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