Digital Trends: Delivering Better Ads

SendtoNews has found themselves well positioned as a user-friendly ad platform after a report on preferable practices starts to shape the industry.
The Coalition for Better Ads, a group made of leading online media companies, has released a report designed to improve the user’s online experience when it comes to advertising. The Coalition formed after noticing that several ad types had been increasingly affecting the user experience in a negative way.
The report detailed four desktop and eight mobile experiences that they have deemed negative or “below an acceptable threshold”. These include:

STN aligned with these practices well ahead of this report. Our focus on the user as well as our work with our publishers to provide significant revenue without providing an intrusive ad experience has left us unaffected by the Coalition’s findings.
Fresh off this report, Google (who happens to be on the Coalition), announced a new version of Chrome that will feature blocking technology focusing on ads that are perceived to be intrusive. These ads include:

  • Pop-up Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Autoplay video ads with sound-on

With Chrome accounting for nearly 60% of all internet users, the digital advertising industry is taking note of this change.
Beta testing has already proved that advertisements on the SendtoNews network are not going to be affected by this update. By positioning our player as a publisher tool for not only high-quality content, but non-intrusive ad revenue, STN helps it’s advertising partners fall well within the compliance requirements of this new report.


David Davies
VP, Corporate Communications
Toll-free: 855-590-1991

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