SendtoNews Becomes The #1 Digital Sports Video Platform

September 18, 2018 – New York, NY – SendtoNews (STN) is now the top digital video platform in all of sports. The release of August’s U.S. comScore rankings has the digital sports platform listed as #1 in unique viewers and total video views for the first time in SendtoNews’ history. With 9,790,000 unique viewers and 178,616,000 video views, STN ranks above outlets like ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo and Fox.

“The work SendtoNews does to help us reach the local fan is unparalleled,” says Home Team Sports EVP Craig Sloan. “We are ecstatic that their hard work and dedication has allowed them to reach the pinnacle of digital sports video, driven by the insatiable appetite of fans for high-quality content about their beloved teams.”

STN’s 178,616,000 monthly video views represents a record high for the company. Part of this success is attributable to the widespread integration of STN Smart Match: an AI powered video player that reads a publisher’s article and instantly populates it with the most relevant video in the STN library. Recently, the player was subject of a case study done with the New York Daily News. Year over year results saw time on sports page, unique sports page viewers and total sports page viewers increase substantially for the award winning publisher.

“We are thrilled to be validated as the number one property in digital sports video. Our team has steadily built an unmatched three-sided platform for publishers, leagues and advertisers that was hard to do and even harder to replicate ” says SendtoNews CEO Matthew Watson. “Many of the other entities on the comScore ranking are content, sales or publishing partners of ours and we share this achievement with them. We help them reach and engage new fans, and that is the mission that fuels our efforts and success.”

SendtoNews also ranks first overall in unique viewers and total videos viewed in several key demographics including Hispanic audience, adult females and persons 25-54. Along with this, out of the top 100 digital video providers in all content categories, STN ranks 29th overall in unique viewers and 23rd in total video views.


David Davies
VP, Corporate Communications
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