The New Age of Trust

It may be the number one question for advertisers: what content is my brand being associated with?

This year brand safety has made the leap from underlying concern, to key issue. Several blue chip companies have hired “brand safety” officers to ensure their advertisements are only displayed in environments that are considered 100% brand friendly. While digital video giant YouTube keeps making headlines for brand safety infractions, advertisers are also leaving Facebook over concerns about negative connotations with the platform in general.

We recently wrote on our blog for INMA how this is a golden opportunity for publishers to illustrate to advertisers that they not only have 100% control over the content on their site, but they are able to pack it with brand safe content like official sports highlights from STN.

The below video from our partners at SpotX offers an interesting perspective for publishers looking to increase advertising revenue: put yourself in the position of the advertiser who is concerned with brand safety.

The trend continued at Digital Content NewFronts. Todd Haskell, SVP and CRO for Hearst Magazine’s Digital Media said he has seen campaigns from advertisers like Saks 5th Avenue require 100% brand safe environments. Disney has steered away from its Maker Studios project, towards more family-friendly content citing brand safety as a primary reason. Along with this, publishing giant Meredith centered their whole NewFronts pitch around brand safe video.

The great news for you as a publisher is that you have complete control over your editorial environment. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook can’t realistically police all their content but you can. This selling point is not something to underestimate when trying to attract advertisers, especially when you combine it with premium sports content from STN.

“Brands want to be assured that they will be displayed in an environment that won’t compromise their image.” says STN CEO Matthew Watson. “The safety of our official content on some of the most trusted names in digital publishing offers them exactly what they are looking for.”

League official highlights and content from organizations like MLB, the NBA, NFL and more via SendtoNews instantly provide legitimacy and prestige while promoting a brand friendly environment for advertisers. The more you pack your site with this trusted and fan-friendly content, the more attractive you become as a whole to the advertising industry.

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