Maximizing Your Monetization

Monetization Done Your Way

STN Video will customize your video monetization based off your site strategy and is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We are able to deliver a custom solution that is AGILE AND UNIQUE. All of STN’s monetization is done within Google’s user experience industry standard, meaning you’ll NEVER SACRIFICE UX FOR REVENUE.

Premium Campaigns

70% of STN campaigns are direct, meaning we can deliver a higher CPM without increasing volume.

Subscriber Status

We allow you to deliver video ads based on subscribership and player location.

Player Customization

We have multiple configurations of our player that provide the best mix of user engagement and revenue.

Yield Preference

Dial ad volume up or down at your preference. Choose between anywhere from 100% of our demand to 100% of yours.

Unique Methods & Best Practices

STN Video has developed an entire suite of products to help deliver premium monetization. Use any combination of them to earn revenue as you see best.

STN Video Monetization Success Stories

After adopting STN Monetization Best Practices, these partners saw tremendous increases in revenue.





Revenue With Every Page Load

Ensure your site has an STN Video player on every section front and article page to generate the maximum amount of revenue possible. Every time an ad impression is delivered via the STN player, YOU MAKE MONEY.

Home Page/Section Front –

Your STN Publishing Success Manager will provide you ONE embed code per section front/homepage for your site.


Ensure you have provided STN a complete list of section front content types you need to STN Video (General, Sports, Entertainment, News etc.) to ensure the most relevant content is on each page


Embed the section front player at the TOP of each page to engage your users and capture the maximum possible revenue.

In article player –

In-article placement featuring video matched with AI-powered player (Smart Match®). Manually embed or automate video into every article across your site(s).


Whether you manually or automatically embed your article player, ensure it is in the top 1/3rd of the article for the best possible engagement and revenue opportunity.

Premium Placement, Play-in-View

You only get paid for the ads your users watch. Ensure they are engaged with the STN Video player as soon as they land on the page with a TOP 1/3RD PLACEMENT with play-in-view enabled.

  • Top 1/3rd placement with play-in-view enabled results in 10X impressions over click-to-play.

STN Video High Viewability Player

The High Viewability (HV) player NAVIGATES THE PAGE, keeping the video in view as the user scrolls, maintaining a +70% viewability rating to maximize CPMs.

  • Video Ad campaigns that some with a viewability guarantee yield higher CPM. The HV Player is the best option to leverage that increased revenue.

High Revenue Playlist

STN can deliver an ever-updating playlist featuring content with our HIGHEST CPMs attached. This will ensure that you are getting the most revenue possible with every play.

Recirculation Videos Deliver Increased Impressions

The STN Video Recirculation player uses AI to deliver a rotating, clickable carousel of top or trending stories on your site. KEEP USERS ON SITE LONGER while DELIVERING INCREASED AD IMPRESSIONS in-between story headlines.

AI-generated stories for enhanced contextual relevance

With the death of the cookie, advertisers are going to be looking at contextual relevance to fill targeted campaigns. Use our AI LOCAL STORIES player to ensure you have the most relevant offering in digital video.

  • Example: AI-generated real estate content in real estate section.

STN Bets: A complete revenue solution

STN Bets is a fully hosted white-label sports betting page provided by STN Video that replicates the look and feel of your site. STN Bets delivers revenue from:

  • Pre-roll Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • User Activations / Bets Made Via Referral
  • STN Bets delivers up to a $40 RPM for publishers.

STN Video helps you monetize beyond advertising

With a fully configurable video player, STN can help you customize your users experience to support ALL of your revenue initiatives:

  • Drive engagement with newsletter sign-ups using customized calls to action
  • Generate more digital subscriber activation with coordinated messaging and overlays
  • Control video experience via users logged-in/subscriber state, site section, or content type
  • Example: Driving subscribers via pre-roll and banner overlay.


ADS.Txt is a registry showing all companies authorized to sell inventory on your site. It’s a simple text file that you put on your web server. It’s used by many ad agencies, including GOOGLE, to verify the legitimacy of your site’s traffic. If you don’t have ADS.Txt on your site, you’re missing out on a significant portion of revenue. Please ensure that you have the STN-approved list of resellers for your file. If you need to set up an ADS.Txt file, contact

For more information, download our ADS.Txt FAQ HERE.

  • Having the approved list of ADS.Txt sellers from STN Video allows you to increase your revenue by UP TO 70%!

Still need help? CONTACT US or visit our PUBLISHER RESOURCES.


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