Quick Start Guide

Welcome to STN Video! This guide will help get you up and running with our video player on your site in 3 quick steps!  

1. Log in to the Publisher Dashboard

The STN Video Publisher Dashboard is where you’ll go to explore content, copy embed codes, create and manage playlists and more! Log in to the STN Video Publisher Dashboard with your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password please see: How can I reset my password?

2. Grab the Embed code of the content you want to embed. 

Browse through our Content Library, check out all of the engaging content we have available for you, and decide what you want to embed on your site, or build a playlist!

3. Embed Content on your Site!

Once you’ve decided on what to embed, it’s time to add the code so content plays on your site! 

If you want to embed a playlist you can!  Build playlists of up to 10 videos and align your brand next to premium video content. You’ll keep your users on page for longer by engaging them with premium video! To learn more about Playlists please see: Creating and Managing Playlists

If you run into speed bumps with any of the above steps please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket. We are always happy to help you out! 

Still need help? CONTACT US or visit our PUBLISHER RESOURCES.


The Publisher’s Dashboard

Make managing your workflows a breeze
Track results or upload your own content and create customized playlists! Get the best of both worlds by mixing your in-house produced videos with a playlist of related content from the STN Video library.
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Analytics in the Publisher’s Dashboard

Track revenue, CPM, player loads, viewability, and more with up-to-date and exportable reporting.
A step-by-step guide to help you get the STN video player in your articles and on your section fronts in no time!
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Managing Playlists

Custom playlists with the STN Publisher’s Dashboard
Keep users engaged with a seamless viewing experience. Check out this step-by-step guide to creating playlists in the Publisher’s Dashboard.
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