STN Video Introduces a New High-Performance Video Player for AMP

STN Video has introduced a new video player for Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP), unlocking major improvements in revenue and viewability, while continuing to deliver lightning-fast performance and high usability for those publishers continuing to utilize the AMP standard. 

STN Video, the industry’s highest-performing online video platform (OVP) supplying premium content, technology, and monetization to Publishers, is pleased to announce the introduction of their new video player for AMP.

The new AMP player was designed specifically for those publishers looking to improve the revenue and viewability of their mobile video implementation, without sacrificing the perceived benefit to traffic growth of the traditional AMP experience.

Early publisher adoption of STN’s new AMP player has shown a 70% improvement in video viewability and a 58% improvement in eCPM. 

STN’s new AMP video player achieves these improvements by introducing a floating player to the AMP experience that unobtrusively remains in view, boosting engagement, viewability, and eCPM, while giving publishers the options they need to tailor the user experience to their desired specifications. 

While AMP is no longer used as a primary signal for mobile search, many publishers have decided to stick with it as a development standard as they identify alternate paths forward for mobile users. STN developed this new player to give publishers the flexibility to choose the path that works best for them, by increasing the utility of the AMP framework or by allowing them to switch to the recently-released STN Optimized Mobile Player

Regardless of which player a publisher chooses, they will have access to a library of 2+ million professional videos available from creators such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Meredith, Vox, Cheddar, and 250 others, with pre-loaded revenue.

“Publishers are continually bombarded with evolving standards to meet the ongoing demands of meeting user expectations while always growing monetization ” said Matthew Watson, CEO of STN Video. “We are committed to making that easier by meeting our publishers where they are at while providing multiple pathways to move ahead based on their unique requirements. This philosophy manifests in everything we do, be it providing multiple high-performing options for mobile video, having the most configurable OVP on the market, or supporting multiple models for audience engagement and revenue generation. Our relentless focus on publishers is an integral part of what makes STN the go-to OVP for media companies big and small.”

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