SendtoNews Tops Comscore Rankings With Biggest March Yet

sendtonews march 2019

SendtoNews’ explosive growth continues with our biggest March on record, with more than 300 million videos viewed on desktop alone. Seeing nearly 100 million video views more than ESPN, SendtoNews has firmly established itself as a leader in digital sports video media. Last month, SendtoNews’ video distribution platform reached 11,569,000 unique viewers across more than 1,600 publishing partners according to Comscore’s March Desktop Viewership report.

“Our amazing growth is confirmation that our part terrific approach is working.” said Matthew Watson, CEO of SendtoNews. “On behalf of our content and publishing partners, we are engaging millions of sports fans across North America and providing brand-safe opportunities for advertisers to reach those engaged fans.”

The March 2019 numbers provide insight into how quickly SendtoNews is growing: 31.2% YOY growth in unique viewers and a whopping 417% YOY growth in video views.

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